Recruitment and Senior Appointments

As organisations grow and evolve, they frequently recruit new personnel.  Recruiting and retaining experienced, credentialled and appropriately qualified personnel are essential in an organisation’s capacity to deliver its strategy and perform its operations.

The process of recruitment involves identifying a need to fill a vacancy, advertising the position, shortlisting, interviewing candidates and appointing the successful candidate to the position.  Merit-based recruitment practices are essential in attracting and selecting the best candidates.

In our experience, the key touch-points for recruitment activities are position clarity and process robustness.

For position clarity, probity requires that:

  • there is organisational analysis and approval for the position
  • there is a clear, documented position description, and
  • the selection criteria have been approved and are aligned with the scope, seniority and responsibility of the position.

For process robustness, probity requires that:

  • each of the steps in the recruitment is free from bias, nepotism and favouritism
  • there are no actual, potential or perceived conflicts in any of the steps in the recruitment process
  • the position is advertised in publications and websites appropriate to the relevant industry / sector / profession as well as on the organisation’s website
  • the advertisement timeframes are reasonable and not restrictive
  • consideration be given to engaging a specialist recruitment firm to conduct the recruitment process
  • the reasons for selecting applicants to interview are documented
  • there is separation between the interview panel (to interview and recommend) and the decision-maker (to approve the recommendation)
  • the interview panel members have appropriate seniority, expertise and are conflict-free
  • interviews are conducted against the selection criteria
  • candidates’ academic and professional qualifications are verified
  • candidates’ work histories are verified
  • appropriate background checks (such as working with children, corporate disqualifications, etc) are conducted
  • verifications, interviews, recommendations and decisions are documented
  • a report on the recruitment process and its outcomes is prepared, and
  • formal appointment documents are executed.

Our team has extensive experience assisting NSW organisations with various recruitment and board appointment processes.

We can help you to conduct your recruitment or board appointment activities in a probity-rich environment so you may attract and appoint meritorious, high-quality personnel.