Procurement & Acquisitions

Organisations in the public sector regularly procure or acquire goods and services to assist them in meeting their organisational strategies and delivering their programs.

The driving objective in procuring or acquiring goods or services is to obtain value for money through fair and open competition.  In our experience, the key touch-points for procurements and acquisitions are project clarity and process robustness.

For project clarity, probity requires that the procurement / acquisition:

  • is aligned with organisational strategy
  • is clearly articulated with comprehensive documents, and
  • identifies the project risks.

For process robustness, probity requires that:

  • participants are treated fairly and consistently
  • there are no actual, potential or perceived conflicts in any of the procurement / acquisition stages
  • decision-making is objective, transparent and accountable
  • confidentiality and security (of materials, recommendations and decisions) are maintained, and
  • the process delivers value for money outcomes.

Our team of senior professionals with qualifications in areas including IT, governance and law.  Our team members have also had experience in senior public sector in-house roles, giving us in-depth understanding of, and unique insights into, the multi-faceted challenges faced by organisations when conducting procurement and acquisition projects.

We can help you embed robust probity practices and procedures at each stage of the lifecycle of your procurement or acquisition, be it pre-planning, document preparation, at tender open period, at evaluation, endorsement and approval stage, or at contract performance / audit.

We can also tailor probity solutions commensurate with the size / complexity of your procurement / acquisition project.