Grants & Funding

Grants and funding programs are mechanisms that enable the distribution of public money for community benefit.  Best practice grants administration is key in conducting grants and funding programs with transparency and accountability.

In our experience, the key touch-points for grants and funding programs are transparent governance structures (with clearly articulated roles) and process robustness.

For transparent governance structures, probity requires that:

  • roles and responsibilities are clear and understood by all involved in the program
  • responsibilities are identified and documented, and
  • decision-making is transparent, accountable and documented.

For process robustness, probity requires that:

  • the grant / fund application and assessment processes are open and transparent
  • there is comprehensive and clear information about the grant/ fund on a website that is easily accessible by the public
  • applicants are treated fairly and consistently
  • there are no actual, potential or perceived conflicts in any of the grant / fund stages
  • confidentiality and security (of materials, recommendations and decisions) are maintained
  • risks are identified and managed, and
  • the grant / funding decisions provide value for money.

Our team has provided probity services on numerous grant and funding programs for organisations in NSW, including the Department of Education, the Ministry of Health and the Office of Sport.

A review of grants administration in NSW conducted by the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) and the NSW Productivity Commissioner recently made a number of recommendations that “…provide safeguards against poor governance and improper process…”  The recommendations are in the areas of:

  • a new Grants Administration Guide
  • accountability and transparency
  • value for money and outcomes orientation, and
  • probity and governance.

We can help you to enhance your existing grants / funding practices to align with the best practice grants process recommendations made by DPC and the NSW Productivity Commissioner.