Ensuring probity in



Ensuring probity in

Procurement and Acquisitions


Ensuring probity in

Recruitment and Appointments


Ensuring probity in

Government Grant and Funding Programs



Probity underpins the integrity of processes in areas such as Procurement, Divestment, Recruitment and Grants. Robust levels of probity deliver reliable outcomes and value for money. ELM Probity provides practical and experienced probity advice and services for a wide range of clients across both public and private sectors.

Accountability & Transparency

Decisions and actions are open to public scrutiny and must be properly recorded. ELM specialises in best practice for documenting your project and  ensuring a clear audit trail that justifies your actions and decisions.

Impartiality & Lack of Bias

Acting impartially, fairly and without bias is essential in all competitive processes. ELM provides pro- active support, advice and independent monitoring to embed a level playing field for all stakeholders.

Best Value for Money

The primary concern in procurements is value for money. ELM has specialised experience in methods that measure cost and weigh benefits to successfully maximise the value of your expenditure.

Information Confidentiality

The integrity of a process depends on protecting confidentiality. ELM has extensive experience in managing and restricting the flow of confidential information at all stages of a project.

Conflicts of Interest

Public officials must make decisions that are not influenced by their personal interests. ELM’s guidance and expertise assists in pragmatically managing interests that may result in a conflict of interest.

We can help you in the following practice areas.


Procurement, Acquisition


Grants, Funding


Probity Rich Environments

Probity Rich Environments

Meet the Team

The ELM Probity principals bring together a rich and diverse set of legal and transactional backgrounds. ELM Probity principals, Howard Elliott, Kaye Mahoney and Irene Lomis are all legally qualified and have each been providing probity services to NSW Government clients for over 10 years.
ELM Probity Principals are all current approved personnel of NSW Treasury prequalified probity suppliers.



Howard has over 35 years’ experience in the IT&T industry and 10 years’ experience in Probity Advisory Services. Howard has post graduate technical and legal qualifications. Howard is one of the industries most respected Probity Advisors.



Kaye is a practising solicitor with more than 25 years’ experience. Kaye has more than 10 years’ experience in Probity Advisory Services. In addition, Kaye holds a Master of Fine Arts from New York Academy of Fine Arts and is a practising artist.



Irene is a solicitor (non-practising) with over 25 years’ experience in State Government and private practice. Irene has more than 10 years’ experience in Probity Advisory Services.